K C - Weekdays 3pm

Also Saturdays 2pm & Sunday 1pm

When I was 12 my parents got me this Caravelle radio set.  It had a two-prong microphone plug-in.  I thought, "cool, I could plug this into a wall outlet, then plug a speaker in upstairs and talk"​... I never got to the speaker part.

Obviously I wasn't engineer material.   I got on the air, weekends, while in high school.  Then I graduated on a Friday and was promoted to full-time mornings on Monday.  Dig me!

It is a blast to join All Oldies Radio because it truly gives me a chance to relive some wonderful times!

I remember listening to my favorite radio stations since the age of 8, and banging on a bongo drum listening to 'Meet The Beatles'.

I also fell in love with Petula Clark.  My grandmother would always say, "get that radio out of your ear !"... and I said "Radio, that's what I'm going to do!".   And the hits keep right on coming.