All Oldies Radio is available wherever you are !


If you have an Amazon device, such as a FIRESTICK, all you need to do is search for All Oldies Radio on your Amazon account….  or click here:


If you have an ALEXA enabled device:

  1. Either click the image below to download, or from your smartphone, open the Alexa app and tap the menu icon in the screen’s upper left corner, and then tap “Skills & Games.”
  2. On the Skills & Games screen, you can tap on the magnifying glass symbol in the upper right corner.
all oldies radio on alexa

3. Once downloaded, simply Enable the Skill and then say

“Alexa, Play All Oldies Radio”

– or set a routine so we come on automatically just like your old radio alarm clock !

Mobile Phone App

To get us on your MOBILE PHONE simply visit the Apple iOS App Store or your Android Google Play Store and search for ‘All Oldies Radio’

all oldies radio mobile app


You can of course listen right here, from your DESKTOP

Simply click the image below, and it will open our radio player site. Just click the play button:

Tune In Radio

If you already have the Tune In app installed (its free…. if it asks you to sign up for Premium just click the cross at the top of the screen!)

Then simply search for All Oldies Radio!

Or you can listen to us on the Tune In website by clicking here:

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